Strategic Projects

Border Security

In recent years there is a sharp increase in cross border threats, posed by guerrilla forces that penetrate the border for terror and crime purposes. LHB provides a solution that integrated tactical intelligence systems alongside surveillance, Command & Control and communication solutions

Tactical Interception

LHB supplies Tactical Interception and Intelligence systems deployed on various platforms: Stationary surveillance poles, vehicles, aircrafts and checkpoint stations along borders, combined with Control and Intelligence layers for strategic SIGINT monitoring. 

Surveillance Systems

Our company offers innovative observation and surveillance solutions, for military and Homeland Security markets, including long range surveillance systems for perimeter defense and border protection, military installations and strategic sites.

Threat Analysis

With years of unrivaled operational experience in planning and managing large security organizations, our team of experts will successfully plan and execute a full threat analysis and provide an 'immediate action' report. 

ISR Vehicles

Observation, reconnaissance and interception vehicles execute a wide array of video monitoring and intelligence activities, built on a 4X4 platform to enable off-road capabilities. The vehicle serves as a mobile observation post for long range coverage. 

Consultation & Training

LHB is capable of formulating the Concept of Operations to fully accommodate specific client needs, from which the major building blocks will derive. Our team provide the required guidance and support during a full training course and assimilation program.