Logistic Equipment

Shelters & Combat Support

Built to support troops during the toughest conditions, LHB supplies mobile shelters and permanent camps for various tasks, allowing units to operate in the most remote locations, in any weather conditions. 

Emergency Equipment

In today's world emergency preparedness becomes a main concern for countries and organizations. LHB is committed to supplying equipment for quick response life-saving equipment for various events of emergency.

Specialized Vehicles

Our company provides a full service offering, which includes design, engineering and installation of special mission and intelligence vehicles, tailored to meet the end users' needs and requirements. 

Innovative Medical Solutions

LHB is dedicated to providing innovative, broad spectrum hygiene products to warriors in the field. Our solutions are specifically designed for first responders and post assault operations, and its design allows the operator to select the best treatment required. 

Security Checkpoint Solutions

Our company specializes in providing practical solutions for security checkpoint installations. From various types of Metal Detectors, through innovative screening solutions, for cargo and vehicle inspection systems and for airports and customs. 

Sattelite & Radio Communication

LHB provides the required components and services to set up a full VSAT network, including hubs, terminals and modems. We offer Stationary and On-The-Move, Near and Beyond-Line-of-Sight transmission equipment.