Light Ammunition

LHB supplies a wide range of pistol, rifle and shotgun ammunition for Military, Law Enforcement and Security Organizations. Available in diversified calibers and variants, including Full Metal Jacket, Frangible, Armor-Piercing, Blank, Paint and others. 

Special Armament

Based on years of experience, our team of experts will be able to provide a tailor-made solution for any special request. Please contact us for additional information.

Non Toxic Ammunition

Available in most standard calibers, Non-Toxic ammunition incorporates a closed base bullet with a lead core, along with a cartridge free from toxic exposure to barium, lead, mercury and antimony after firing. It does not endanger the shooters health, nor does it pollute the environment.

Expanding Ammunition

Designed to expand on impact, expanding ammunition causes increased tissue damage, while minimizing over-penetration. LHB also offers advanced plastic tipped ammunition, and with standard hollow point rounds.

Training Ammunition

LHB supplies the most realistic, accurate and non-lethal training ammunition available. Paint Training ammunition allows professionals to safely train using their duty firearms, installed with a designated conversion kit. 

Non Lethal & Riot Control Ammunition

Not Lethal Ammunition specifically designed to stop or stun a target without causing excess damage. LHB specialized in delivery of less-lethal launchers and ammunition based on Incapacitating agents such as OC and CS, as well as various sorts of Less-Lethal projectiles.