Weapon Systems

Sniper Platforms

LHB specializes in delivery of accurate and reliable precision rifles and sniper platforms in various configurations and calibers, Bolt-Action, Semi-Auto, in 308 Winchester, 338 Lapua Magnum, 300 Blackout, up to .50 BMG. 


Being the leading distributor of firearms in Israel, LHB offers the widest variety of handguns – From full-size duty firearms to concealable backup pistols, available steel and polymer frames. With thousands of firearms always in stock, we offer a wide selection of accessories, including spare magazines, holsters, night sight and more. 


LHB offers various types of shotguns for combat, door breaching, riot control using non-lethal ammunition and other uses. We offer 12 Gauge shotgun in various configurations, including pump action, magazine-fed semi-automatic or switchable firing modes. We also offer a unique under-barrel platform that can be mounted on standard carbines. 

Grenade Launchers

Whether Standalone, attached or automatic – LHB offers a selection of grenade launchers for military and riot control use. Available in all standard calibers, we offer both lethal and less-lethal ammunition and launchers. 

Non Lethal Weapons

With increasing popularity in law enforcement agencies and military organizations around the globe, LHB supplies various types of Less-Lethal weapons and ammunition, including Launchers, Electroshock weapons, Incapacitating agents, Acoustic and other systems.

Assault Rifles & automatic weapons

Working with the leading firearms manufacturers in the world, LHB has vast experience in delivery of weapon systems. Available in different calibers and various configurations, LHB offers a selection of primary platforms, with all necessary accessories.